Daylight Blue
Daylight Blue
[About Daylight]
“Light” is a mysterious existence as it seems visible but it
is invisible. Through my photography, I've been searching
to substantiate the “temperature” which light
enfolds within itself. In my pursuit for a bright place, I had
an opportunity to know about Amami (Southern island of
Japan). The place was not only bright and warm with full
of dazzling light, but also surrounded by warm people.
Now, I found the same atmosphere just like Amami in the
north of Japan, Tsugaru.

Title: Daylight | Blue
Size: 320mm x 257mm
Extent: 68pages
Binding: 2 books in 1 box
Language: English
Price: JPY 6300 (
ISBN: 978-4-86100-894-8
Release Date: 23 Aug. 2013
Book Design: Arata Maruyama (&Form)
Production: WOW inc., ICHIGENSYA inc.
Distributor: BNN inc.
Publisher: WOW inc.

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Daylight Blue
Daylight Blue
[About Blue]
Not long after I begun photography, may be because they were
monochrome photographs, I was impressed strongly by
the “after image of light” rather than the particular subject in
the picture. It is like an accident when I find in a photograph,
the color and fragrance in harmony together with little feeling
of myself. I might have been always looking for somewhat
called “temperature” within the indistinctive world my daily
life. It was neither abstract nor concrete, but was
just like a dream.
1960 Born in Sapporo Japan
Graduated from Osaka University of Arts.B.F.A. in Photography Major
Worked under Mr.Osamu Hayasaki.
Travelled around France for photographic survey and Exhibition.
1996 Photographic Director for film “Blue Fish” which was
invited in erlin International Film Festival.
2004 Collected for Bibliotheque Nationale de France as
permanent collection.
2005 Participated in Exhibition “Made in The Shade” with Robert
Frank at Pace McGill Gallery New York. Working in variety of
fields beyond photography, including opening Director for
animation film “Mushishi” In search to create new form of
expression to depict the brightness of light, Sugawara
develops Collodion Process, combining classical photo
processing and latest digital technique.
2010 Collection at Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego
2011 Exhibition “The Bright Forest” Trunk Gallery
2012 Exhibition "Tsugaru" ” Leica Ginza Salon Tokyo